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The Native American Outreach Program is supported by funds from the NSF which cover intern stipends; room, board, and healthcare; supplies; transportation to and from ISU for both interns and Elders; and a salary for the outreach coordinator (this year, Ben Herman). ISU provides the GWC connection (supported by the NSF funds), which is described here. The USDA-ARS contributes in-kind by training the interns at the NCRPIS and at MaizeGDB and as well as other incidentals such as giving tours of facilities and providing transportation around Ames as needed for work-related endeavors.

NAOP has had the interns invite someone who are a big influence in their life to come participate in a annual Elders Visit. The event covers all expenses including flight ticket to and from Iowa State University, meals, lodging, and transportation while visiting. Special Guests include the Bitsois' who have participated in the past years and have offered a ceremonial prayer. All guests were on campus with the interns for three days, and were presented to by the interns. The presentation has shown the Elders what the interns have done, completed, or in progress of completion. This years vist was a complete success as shown below with a variety of pictures.