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GWC Internship Program

Goals for GWC Interns and Mentors

Some of our expectations as interns are:

  • Work towards completing our main project for presentation at the end of the program

  • Work with and receive guidance from mentors in how to be successful in project completion

  • Work 40 hours a week Monday through Friday

  • Meet with mentors regularly to touch base on what has been accomplished and how to overcome obstacles

  • Create goals for the day, the week, and the month so the deadlines can be met and the work gets done

  • Make our internship the best internship ever by gaining experience and some knowledge our chosen areas of study

  • Some of the expectations as mentors and staff are:

  • Introduce intern to graduate students and other technicians or co-workers

  • Get involved with group/team discussions and activities

  • Work with interns to build a schedule on what needs to be done and when

  • Help intern build ideas for the main project and final paper

  • Establish guidelines and rules for the intern to follow

  • Help prepare intern for the final report of the project and develop the poster presentation for the research symposium at the end of the session